Best Kitchen Sink Brands Singapore :


Choosing the right kitchen sink for your home is an important decision. Not only is it a functional element of your kitchen, but it can also add to the aesthetics of your space. There are a variety of kitchen sink brands available in Singapore, but which ones are the best? In this article, we will explore some of the top kitchen sink brands in Singapore and what makes them stand out.


Franke is a well-known brand in the kitchen sink industry. They offer a wide range of sinks, from stainless steel to ceramic and composite materials. Franke sinks are known for their durability and quality craftsmanship. They also have a variety of sizes and styles to fit any kitchen design.


Kohler is another popular brand in the kitchen sink market. They offer a variety of materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, and composite. Kohler sinks are known for their innovative designs and high-quality materials. They also offer a range of accessories to complement their sinks, such as cutting boards and dish racks.


Blanco is a German brand that has been around for over 90 years. They offer a variety of kitchen sinks, from traditional stainless steel to modern granite and composite materials. Blanco sinks are known for their durability and functionality. They also have a range of accessories, such as colanders and cutting boards, to make cooking and cleaning easier.


Hansgrohe is a brand that is known for its high-quality faucets and showerheads, but they also offer kitchen sinks. Their sinks are made from stainless steel and granite materials and are designed to be both functional and stylish. Hansgrohe sinks also come with a range of accessories, such as soap dispensers and drain covers.


What is the best material for a kitchen sink?

The best material for a kitchen sink depends on your personal preferences and needs. Stainless steel is a popular choice because it is durable and easy to clean. Cast iron is also a good option because it is sturdy and can withstand heavy use. Granite and composite materials are another option, as they are both durable and come in a range of colors and styles.

How do I choose the right size sink for my kitchen?

When choosing a sink size, consider the size of your kitchen and the amount of counter space you have. A larger sink may be more practical if you do a lot of cooking and cleaning, but it may not be suitable for smaller kitchens. It is also important to consider the size of your cabinets and the placement of your sink.

What accessories should I consider for my kitchen sink?

There are a variety of accessories available for kitchen sinks, such as cutting boards, colanders, and dish racks. These can make cooking and cleaning easier and more efficient. Soap dispensers and drain covers are also popular accessories that can add to the functionality of your sink.


Choosing the right kitchen sink brand is an important decision for any homeowner. Franke, Kohler, Blanco, and Hansgrohe are just a few of the top brands available in Singapore. When choosing a sink, consider the material, size, and accessories that will best suit your needs. With the right kitchen sink, you can create a functional and stylish space that you will enjoy for years to come.

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